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The world’s first flying car is coming soon: The USA government has approved a “Certified Electric Flying” car.

The first flying car we used to see only in movies is about to become a reality. Aleph Aeronautics, a United States-based automotive and aviation company, has turned this dream project into a reality and has also received permission to test it.

Think, in today’s time, traffic is the biggest issue for all the countries and along with the government there, the engineers are also engaged in finding new ways to control the traffic. With this, the electric vehicle flying in the air and the eVTOL facility can become a milestone to get rid of traffic.

Let know more about it below…

US-based automotive and aviation company **Aleph Aeronautics** has designed a fully electric flying car named “Aleph Model A”. It is the first vehicle of its kind to receive a **Special Airworthiness Certification** from the US **Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)**, which allows it to start testing the Model A before making it available to the public.

The Model A has a driving range of **200 miles** and a flying range of **110 miles** on a single charge. It can seat two lightweight persons and has eight propellers integrated into the vehicle body. It can even fit in a regular parking space or garage. The company plans to start delivering cars by late 2025.

The cost of this first flying car is $ 299,999 i.e. around Rs 2.46 crore. It is expected to provide eco-friendly and faster commuting facilities, thereby saving hours for individuals and companies each week. The CEO of Alef Aeronautics, Jim Dukhovny, said: “This is one small step for planes, one giant step for cars.

About: Alef Aeronautics

Alef Aeronautics is an automotive and aviation company based in the United States. It was established in 2015 by a quartet of technical maestros – Dr. Constantine Kisly, Pavel Markin, Oleg Petrov, and Jim Dukhovny.

The company’s mission is to develop the first flying car in the world that can drive on the street, take off vertically when needed and fly overhead above traffic.

The company’s flagship product is the Aleph Model A, a fully electric flying car that recently received special airworthiness certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The name Alef was chosen to represent the first letter in Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Syrian and other alphabets.

Alef Model A first flying car weight limit

According to the company’s engineering director and co-founder, Constantine Kisly, the Alef Model A’s first flying car can take a load of about **200 pounds** (90.7 kg), including passenger and baggage. This means that the car can only accommodate one or two lightweight individuals.

Alef Model A flying car speed

The speed of the Aleph Model A’s first flying car varies depending on whether it is moving on the road or flying in the air. On the road, the car will be a low-speed vehicle, meaning it will go no faster than about 25 mph on paved surfaces. In the air, this car will be able to fly at a maximum speed of 100 mph.

Alef Model A first flying car storage space.

The Aleph Model A’s first Flying Car does have storage space for some luggage or bags, but it’s very limited. According to the company’s engineering director and co-founder, Constantine Kisly, the initial Aleph Model A should have a payload of about 200 pounds (90.7 kg), including passengers and luggage.

Bubble-like compartments in the mesh upper part of the vehicle hold one or two people inside, but most of the space is empty.

Alef Model A flying car license requirements?

Can I drive it without a pilot’s license?

According to the company, only a “simple drone license” is needed to fly the Aleph Model A Flying Car. However, it will also have to meet the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s safety standards before it can fly on public roads.

The car will be a “low-speed vehicle”, meaning it will go no faster than approximately **25 mph** on paved surfaces. If you want to go faster, you’ll have to make use of the vehicle’s flight capabilities, which can reach **100 miles per hour **.

Other flying cars in the market.

There are several other flying cars in development or testing, but none of them are available in the market yet. Some of the most prominent ones are Klein Vision AirCar, PAL-V Liberty, AeroMobil 4.0, Terrafugia Transition, and BlackFly.

Which company has developed a car that can fly like a drone?

The company that has developed a car that can fly like a drone is BlackFly. It is a single-seat electric vehicle that can hover and fly with eight propellers.

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