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Tata Group is close to a deal to become the first iPhone maker in India.

Tata Group is set to take over Apple’s supplier factory in India, marking the first time that a local company will assemble the iPhone.

Tata Group which is India’s largest company and a well-known company dealing in every field from technology to the consumer sector, now they have entered into the smartphone industry with the world’s largest company iPhone.

The Tata group Is said to collaborate with Taiwanese giant Wistron to manufacture iPhones in India.

The over $600 million factory currently assembles iPhone 14 models and has over 10,000 employees. The deal is expected to be signed by the end of August.

The company manufactures these iPhone models in India in partnership with three suppliers including Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron.

Companies that manufacture iPhones in India.

Apple has been manufacturing iPhones in India since 2017. In India, iPhones are assembled by several Apple suppliers including Foxconn. It currently accounts for 5% of the total iPhone production.

Tata Group manufactures; iPhone in India, many questions arise, has the cost of the iPhone also been reduced, and how beneficial can it be for the company to step into the smartphone sector?

Let’s know the full details of it below…

iPhone manufacturing in India may not reduce prices for buyers, as there are many other factors.

However, this is an important step for the company as it will help them to expand their business and increase their market share in the smartphone industry. This will also help India become a major player in the global smartphone market.

Benefits of iPhone manufacturing in India.

iPhone manufacturing in India could have several potential benefits for the country, Apple, and buyers. Here are some of them:

  • For the country: iPhone manufacturing could boost the domestic electronics industry, create more jobs, attract more foreign investment and narrow the trade deficit.
  • For Apple: iPhone manufacturing could help it diversify its supply chain away from China, save on import duties, increase its market share, and enhance its brand image in India.
  • For buyers, iPhone manufacturing could potentially lead to lower prices, faster availability, better after-sales service, and more localized features of iPhones. However, these benefits may not be immediate or significant, as there are many other factors that affect the pricing and distribution of iPhones.

Tata group: iPhone manufacturing plant location.

According to some reports, the first manufacturing plant for iPhone production by the Tata group will be located in Karnataka “near Bengaluru”.

The Tata group will take over the existing Wistron facility at Narsapura in Kolar district, where the iPhone 14 is currently being assembled. This will be the “fourth iPhone plant” in India after the plants operated by Foxconn and Pegatron in Tamil Nadu.

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