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The Shocking Truth About French Fries on Mental Health

As we all know that junk food is not good for our mental health, now a study done by experts shows that it can lead to anxiety or depression if consumed regularly.

According to a recent study, eating french fries and other fried foods may increase the risk of depression and anxiety. The study found an association between certain fried foods, especially fries, and a higher risk of anxiety and depression affect for mental health.

The Shocking Truth About French Fries

French fries are one of the most popular and delicious snacks in the world, but they may also be one of the worst for your mental health. A new study has found that eating too many french fries can increase your risk of anxiety and depression.

The study, published in the journal PNAS, analyzed data from more than 140,000 people over a period of 11 years. The researchers found that people who ate more than four servings of fried foods per week had a 12% higher risk of anxiety and a 7% higher risk of depression than those who ate less than one serving per week. They also found that fried potatoes, such as french fries, were more harmful than fried white meat, such as chicken.

The researchers speculated that the high amount of fat, salt, and calories in french fries could affect the brain’s chemistry and function, leading to mood disorders. They also suggested that acrylamide, a chemical that is formed during frying, could trigger inflammation and stress in the body.

So, the next time you crave some french fries, think twice about how they could affect your mood and well-being. Instead, opt for some baked or roasted potatoes, or better yet, some fresh salad or fruit.

Does only junk food cause depression?

The researchers suggest that this may be due to a contaminant in fried foods called **acrylamide**, which can trigger **neuroinflammation** and **lipid metabolism disturbance**, which can affect mental health. However, experts are expressing some skepticism over the study and say that more research is needed to confirm the causal link between fried foods and mood disorders.

They also say that other factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, and stress, may play a role in depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that french fries cause depression, but they may be one of the factors that contribute to it.

Because as we all know that this could be one factor but we always required health and nutrition food for good health and immunity.

Only junk food can cause ill- mental health?

It is not only french fries that may be linked to depression and anxiety, but other junk foods as well. Junk foods are foods that are high in **fat**, **sugar**, **calories**, or **processed ingredients** and low in **nutrients**. Eating junk foods can have harmful effects on mental health, such as All things equally contribute equally to good health.

How it impacts brain health?

  • Worsening appetite control and increasing cravings.
  • Leading to inflammation in the body and brain, which can affect mood regulation.
  • Disrupting lipid metabolism and blood-brain barrier function, which can impair brain function.
  • Reducing the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in happiness and motivation.

Therefore, eating junk foods or fried food is not good for our health. Whatever we eat our brain gets nutrition from that- good food is good for health as well as the brain.

However, other factors such as genetics, lifestyle, stress, and environment may also play a role in mental health. It is important to eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of foods that provide essential nutrients for the brain and body. 

How to increase mental health?

To enhance mental health, it is necessary to consume fresh vegetables and fruits. Exercise regularly. It helps in increasing blood circulation and improving mental health as well as physical health.

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