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Google Magi: New AI search engine after ChatGPT

Google Magi is essentially Google Search with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Google just revealed their next project, Magi, their new level of AI search engine. As per the reports, Google is working on AI tools under the codename Maggie which will be released in the month of May.

Google artificial intelligence Magi- which is directly compatible with Microsoft’s Bing AI powered by ChatGPT.

Google Magi Features-

Project Magi aims to make Google search more interactive and conversational so that users may ask more complicated inquiries and get more precise and customized answers. Google has dedicated a team to work on Project Magi, focusing on adding novel features to its existing search engine and exclusive interface.

The new AI-powered search engine would “learn what users want to know based on what they’re searching”. According to a report by Tom’s Guide, it is probable that some of the new projects Magi AI features will be integrated into Google Search.

There would be a possibility that Google Project Magi AI features will be integrated into Google Search. According to rumors, google may be replacing their 10-result SERPs with Magi to provide instant answers.

Similarly, to voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, Magi employs AI to generate answers to specific questions. To deliver the most pertinent results, it will use a variety of data sources such as user search history, location, and other contextual factors.

Will Google Magi and ChatGPT have similar features?

No, Both AI tools are designed on different algorithms. Google Magi is a new search engine that aims to be a “far more personalized experience” than the current version of Google Search. And ChatGPT works on different algorithms.

How is Google Magi different from Microsoft ChatGPT?

Google Magi is a new search engine that aims to be a “far more personalized experience” than the current version of Google Search. It would learn to adapt to a user’s needs over time, providing lists of relevant information and even answering questions using natural language. On the other hand, ChatGPT is designed to generate text and answer questions using natural language.

It works by analyzing input data using deep learning algorithms and a transformer architecture to generate an output. This allows the technology to understand the context of the input and provide relevant responses. Google Magi and ChatGPT are two different technologies designed for different purposes.

When it will release into the market?

Google is working on this artificial intelligence “Magi” according to report would be possibility to came into the market in May month.

Initially, it was applicable for limited users and then open worldwide. The public release is expected next month for 1 million gradually increasing to 30 million by the end of the year.

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