Major cyber-attack into the healthcare sector in AIIMS

Cyber-attack on AIIMS.

Major cyber-attack into the healthcare sector in AIIMS. On 23rd November in the morning, one statement
realized by AIIMS (All India Institution of Medical Sciences) was hit by a cyberattack. Their server was not working properly, Management said its a ransomware cyber-attack.
This ransomware attack affected outpatient and inpatient digital hospital services, including smart lab, billing, report generation, appointment scheduling, etc.
A ransomware attack is a type of malware, designed to deny a user access to a patient’s data files at the hospital. It is just like if you are using a laptop and want to open one file and it is encrypted by malware then when you try to open it ask password or any key.

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By encrypting files and demanding a ransom for the decryption key, cyberattackers corner organizations into a position. Where paying the ransom is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to regain access to their files.
Attackers ask a Ransome to unlock the key then the key will decryption. The medium of transferring money was also asking in cryptocurrency so no one can track their device location or where it come from.

According to the name Ransom, digitally someone steals any file/data or any credential details and illegally encrypts it.
For unencrypted it is asking money against it. The same cyber attacker of AIIMS is demanding money
for giving the password of the data.
This last year in the USA biggest level of ransomware attacked their pipeline zone area, with this
ransomware the system was disrupted. So now the next question is raised what’s the demand of hackers to unlock the key? Let’s know about it below.

The demand of hackers to unlock the key of AIIMS data.

Hackers yet not put in their demands or not asked for any extortion amount to unlock the key. The hackers have reportedly left a protomail address for AIIMS to connect with them. As hackers left their mail addresses, in case they wanted to recover their system and decrypt files, can connect theirs.
From this Management understood that it was a ransomware cyber-attack. AIIMS trying to manage this all disruption and come on the regular service position.

All online services had not yet come so AIIMS take some other action to shift their system manually.


In a statement issued on the evening of Nov. 23rd, the AIIMs administration said that all services were being shifted to a manual mode. “Today, the national information center (NIC) hospital server used at AIIMs, New Delhi, was down. Due to this outpatient and inpatient digital hospital services, including msrt lab, billing report generation, appointment scheduling, etc, have been affected.

All these services are running in manual mode currently. So that is why NICS, e hospital informed that their sever hacked so they shifted to manual mode. Along with taking so many strict actions against it, restoring digital services and support is being sought by the Indian Computer emergency response team (CERT-In) and the NIC. AIIMs and NIC will take some precautions to prevent future, such attacks, AIIMS gives a statement.

The healthcare sector become a hotspot for hackers/cybercriminals.

The number of cyberattacks on the Indian healthcare industry was the second highest globally in the segment, In 2021 entire year whatever cyber-attacks affect different industries majorly in large amounts affects the healthcare sector in India with 7.7% of attacks by cybercriminals. According to a cyber intelligence firm CloudSEK. CLoudSEK is among the entities that provide cyber threat intelligence to the Indian cybersecurity watchdog CERT-In. After the USA, India recorded the second-highest number of attacks on the healthcare sector industry.

Government officials take strict action against it,

Delhi police official field, FIR for cyber terrorism and extortion to begin probing the hacking of AIIMS serves by foreign-based players. The FIR has been registered under a66F cyber terrorism and computer-related fraud of the information technology Act and section 385 extortion at IFSO, special cell. Officials still working on this but their system had come into the regular process.

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