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What is a sperm-injecting robot? and How do spermbots work?

June 02, 2023

As the new age of technology demands, two babies born through robotic fertilization have brought new hope to those suffering from infertility, according to an MIT report.

Engineers from Spain's Barcelona developed a “sperm-injecting robot” that successfully fertilized more than a dozen eggs, resulting in the birth of “two twin girls”.

How does the sperm injection robot work? How does the sperm inject robot work?, mechanized needle, petri dish, and laptop; an engineer used a Sony PlayStation 5 controller to manipulate the needle to human ova so it could deliver its sperm payload. The robot uses a needle to inject sperm cells into eggs. 

The technology is the first step towards automating IVF and making it more accessible and affordable to people who need it but cannot afford it.

IVF is very expensive. In the us it costs 20,000 dollars for one. In India one session is around rupees 1.5-3lakhs. Yet around 5 lakh children born through IVF each year.

This technology can reduce the IVF cost, as patients would not have to visit the clinic. the company wants IVF to be less expensive.

The company behind sperm-injecting robot technology? The startup company behind the new robot is called Overture Life.

Difference between sperm injecting robot and IVF? The sperm-injecting robot is a new technology that can be used in conjunction with IVF. It is designed to automate the process of injecting sperm into eggs, which is currently done by embryologists using ultra-thin needles under a microscope. The robot is expected to reduce the need for expensive and trained embryologists.

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