Avatar movie motion technology useful to track human disease.

Scientists are using Avatar motion capture technology to track disease progression.

The technology could be used to monitor patients recovering from other diseases that affect movement such as those involving brain nervous system heart lings and bones as well as psychiatric disorder according to the researchers.

Researches also predicted that, Avatar Motion technology could reduce the time line and money required to develop new drugs and that crucial time could spend into to conduct important clinical trials.

It could be useful in monitoring the recovery of patients suffering from movement – affecting diseases such as suffer from brain disorder and other hormonal disease.

So far, the technology has been tested on patients.

According to the researchers could be useful in monitoring the recovery the patient suffering from the movement affecting diseases such as those involving the brain nervous system , hurt , lungs and bones.

As the Motion technology is multiple types so which motion technology used in Avatar movie.

There are multiple types of Motion Capture- 

Electromagnetic motion capture: – This motion capture also used in multiple movies: In this suit there are electromagnetic sensors are placed on joints of moving objects. The Character suit is set up with transmitters and receiver, whatever the action receives from transmitters receiver received that data.

Optical Motion Capture: – This Motion capture used into the Avatar movie, in technology character wore a fully tight suit and there are multiple virtual cameras are set, the suit is fully tight with skin so it captures the motion and gives exact data to a receiver. Majorly company that works on these types of suits are VICON etc.