iOS 18 Unleashed

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iOS 18 finally introduces support for Rich Communication Services (RCS), enhancing messaging capabilities with Android devices.

RCS Support

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Building on the existing satellite capabilities of the iPhone, users can now communicate over satellite in the Messages app when cellular or Wi-Fi connections are unavailable. 

Messages Over Sattelite

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iOS 18 introduces on-device categorization in the Mail app, sorting incoming emails into Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions. Additionally, a new digest view compiles relevant emails from a business, allowing users to quickly scan important messages. 

Automatic email categorization in Mail

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With iOS 18, users can freely arrange apps and widgets on the Home Screen, even placing them above the dock. App icons and widgets now feature a sleek Dark mode and can be tinted with any color of your choice or a colour suggested by iOS to complement your wallpaper. 

Freely place apps on the Home Screen 

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The redesigned Control Centre meanwhile offers easier access to daily functions and introduces new levels of customisation. Users can quickly access groups of frequently used controls or add controls including those from supported third-party apps, through the new controls gallery. 

Redesign Control Centre

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Dark Mode and color tinting for app icons.

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In a first, iOS 18 allows users to record and transcribe live calls directly from the Phone app. Additionally, the update offers enhanced call history search, smarter dialing options, and seamless SIM card switching. 

iOS 18 support call recording

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The Tap to Cash feature in iOS 18 is a significant addition to the Apple Wallet app, making money transfers as simple as tapping two iPhones together. This function utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology, similar to Apple’s Tap to Pay. It allows users to send Apple Cash payments to each other without needing contact numbers or bank details.

Tap to Cash feature in Wallet

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iOS 18 introduces a new Game Mode feature that enhances the gaming experience on iPhone devices. This feature optimizes the iPhone’s performance during gameplay by minimizing background activity and prioritizing the game’s performance. It boosts both CPU and GPU performance to deliver a smoother and more consistent gaming experience. 

Game Mode

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iOS 18 introduces new privacy features allowing users to lock and hide apps, moving them to a secure, hidden apps folder. When an app is locked or hidden, its content, such as messages and emails, is concealed from search, notifications, and other system areas. This ensures sensitive information remains private and inaccessible. 

locked/hidden apps update 

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Apple’s iOS 18 introduces all-new text effects in iMessage, adding dynamic, animated appearances to letters, words, phrases, and emojis. Tapbacks now support any emoji or sticker, and users can schedule messages to be sent later. 

Messages App update 

Messages update

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introduces a simplified single view with a familiar grid and new “Collections” for browsing by themes like Recent Days, Trips, and People & Pets. You can pin Collections for easy access. The new Carousel view presents daily highlights in a poster-like view. 

Photos app Redesign

iOS 18 is compatible with these devices.

iOS 18 availability: Apple has announced that the developer beta of iOS 18 is now available through the Apple Developer Program at A public beta will be available next month via the Apple Beta Software Program at General availability is pegged for September.

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